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The rate at which the CPU (Central Processing Unit) is set to perform is called the clock speed of a computer. The clock speed is set by the manufacturer of the computer. According to some handbooks on how to increase computer speed, increasing the clock speed is one of rarely used methods to speed up the performance of a PC.

Over-Clocking Or Increasing The Clock Speed

It is possible to increase the clock speed of your computer. The process of increasing the clock speed is known as over-clocking. However, you should make sure that the clock speed is not locked by the manufacturer. If it is locked, you will have to unlock it before being able to over-clock. If you decide to over-clock your CPU, verify that the motherboard is compatible with the intended frequency of clock speed that you are going to set to. If the motherboard does not support the new clock speed, it will cause opposite results.


  • Ensure that your PC is shut down and unplugged from the electrical socket.
  • If you are replacing the locked processor unit with an unlocked one, take out the side case panel of the CPU tower. You may have to remove the cooling fan from the CPU, if necessary.
  • Now, replace the processing unit with the new one. Once done, lock it down with the help of the given locking system.

    Computer Running Slow
    Slow Running Computer

  • Install the cooling fan and cover up the tower with the side casing panel. Put the screws back and tighten them all.
  • Once you are certain that everything has been set, plug the CPU to the power socket and turn on the computer.
  • Since you have changed the CPU, you will be automatically led to the setup. In case you see any error message, note it down.
  • Update the information in the setup. You can put the desired value for the clock speed in the setup.
  • Once done, save the changes and exit the window.

You have successfully increased the clock speed of your computer. Your computer should be working faster now. If you have any other questions regarding how to increase computer speed, visit any of the popular forums that deal with computer running slow and performance related issues.

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