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Forgot Office 365 Password

Office 365 is a wonderful service from Microsoft. It is integrated with many good features and advanced security options. Office 365 is more or less like online Microsoft Office productivity suite. Perhaps it is more than that because the tech giant has introduced many of its online services to Office 365.

As a cloud based service, Office 365 subscription and services are password protected. The options to reset the password when Office 365 forgot password issues arise are different from resetting the passwords of other online accounts. The password reset options for Office 365 vary depending on your subscription type. Find the details about the same below.

Office 365 Password Reset

You need to reset your Office 365 account password from time to time to ensure the account’s security. Like most other cloud based programs and subscriptions, Office 365 too is prone to security vulnerabilities and hacking. Hence, it is recommended that you reset the password from time to time. If you know your password, it is quite easy to reset. Below are the steps for resetting your Office 365 account password.

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If your Office 365 subscription is DirSync only which does not come with password sync, you can reset the password via the cloud interface. For this, the steps are simple and much similar to resetting your webmail address password. Open the login page of Office 365 and click the Sign in button. Enter your username and password in the required fields. You will be logged into the account now.

Next, go to the settings and locate the password reset option. You will be prompted to enter your current password in the first field. Enter it correctly. In the second field, type your new password. Confirm it by retyping it. You have successfully reset your Office 365 account password.

If you do not remember the Office 365 password, you can retrieve it. However, the steps for the same differ as per the nature of your subscription. For instance, if your Office 365 subscription is featured with ADFS or DirSync, you will not have the permission to change the password in the cloud. In such contexts, you first have to make a password reset request to your administrator.

Office 365 forgot password issues are quite common. Nevertheless, there is nothing to be worried about, because Office 365 tech support can be reached at any time for help.

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