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Blue Screen Error In Windows 7

‘Blue Screen Of Death’ (BSOD) is a frequent issue in PCs running on Windows operating systems. The steps for fixing this error vary depending on the operating system that you are using. If you are using Windows 7 operating system, here are a few methods on how to fix blue screen Windows 7.

Fix The Issue In OS Safe Mode

If your PC does not load because of the BSOD (Blue Screen Of Death) error, try to fix it by rebooting the machine in the Safe Mode. To go to the Safe Mode, restart your PC and then keep pressing F8 key on the keyboard. This will display the Windows Boot menu on the screen. When the boot menu appears, select ‘Safe Mode with networking’ from the available options.

Safe Mode is a stripped down version of your operating system (Windows 7). However, it will allow you to access internet, device manager, system tools, etc. It is a simple way to diagnose the exact cause of Blue Screen error in your Windows 7 machine. Once you know what the cause of the issue is, fix it and then restart your PC in normal mode. You would no longer come across BSOD error any longer. Doing the following steps will help you diagnose the issue immediately.

Execute A Complete System Scan

Frequent Windows 7 Problems

In the opinion of experts, the most common cause of blue screen error in Windows 7 is virus infection. If you suspect that your PC is infected with a virus, the first thing to do is to run a complete system scan. Allowing the antivirus program to run a complete system scan will enable it to detect the viruses that are causing the trouble. If you are using an advanced antivirus program, you can easily eliminate the virus straight away.

Execute A Windows Installation Repair

According to guidelines on how to fix Blue Screen Windows 7, corrupted system files might be a reason for blue screen error in Windows 7 PCs. If you suspect that this is the cause of the issue, execute a Windows Installation Repair. This would reinstall the system files replacing the corrupted system files with good ones.

You have seen some frequent causes of blue screen error in Windows 7 and the easiest methods to fix them. If you are not sure about how to go ahead with executing the above steps, seek the support of an expert.

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