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Fix Corrupt Files

When the code in a file is altered, it becomes corrupted. The corruption can be caused due to many reasons. For that reason, you need to know how to fix corrupted files if you want to run the program in which the corrupted file is.

It is rather annoying to have error messages pop up every time you try to run the program. Even folders can become corrupted the same way. So, here is how to fix corrupted files and folders by reinstalling or replacing them.

Spot The Corrupt File

If one of your programs has stopped working all of a sudden, you need to find out which corrupt file is causing the problem. However, the only way to find it is when an error message appears. The message may say something like ‘ is corrupt’. Note down the name of the file as the error message pops up.

Locate It

Next, you need to locate the specific file. Open the Start Menu and click on the Search button. In the window that pops up, enter the name of the corrupted file. Search for it in the entire computer. You may choose to search for hidden and archived folders too. Press on the Enter button and your computer will start searching for it.

Rename It

How To Fix Corrupted Files
Corrupt Files And Folders

Rename the file that you just found. You may choose to rename it from the Search box itself or by opening the folder in which it is located. If you do not see the Rename option in the right-click context menu, click on the File button in the main toolbar and select the Rename option from there. You need to rename the file with something similar to what it was named before. This will help you locate it if needed in the future.

Reinstall It

The only way to reinstall the corrupted file is by reinstalling the program in which the error message popped up. Since you have renamed the corrupt file already, that specific file will be considered as ‘missing’ during reinstallation. Hence, only this specific file will be reinstalled.

Replace It

If you do not have the installation software of the program, you may look for the proper version of that file online. For this, open any search engine’s page and enter the name of the corrupt file. You will see a list of websites having a copy of the specific file available for download.

If none of these steps work, go the program developer’s page and look for an update of the program or a downloadable version of the corrupt file.

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