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Microsoft Outlook Express provides the option to setup multiple third party email accounts in the email client. If you are not able to access emails anymore, it means that something has gone wrong with the program’s configuration or that you have been blocked due to some reason.

Login Issues

Each account linked with Outlook Express has a username and password. You need to make sure that you entered the details correctly when you were prompted to do so. A single typo while entering the login details can cause the Outlook Express program failing to access the server and downloading email messages. If you set the username and password of the respective account with something case sensitive, enter it as such in the Outlook Express program.

Improper Configuration

If you cannot receive email in Outlook, one of the most common causes is improper configuration. One example for this is setting up the wrong server to access your emails. Though POP3 is the most commonly used email protocol, there are some email providers who make use of the IMAP servers. Moreover, the some email services use HTTP servers to access emails. Check whether you have chosen the right email protocol if a specific account is causing the trouble.

Some other possible causes that you can check when cannot receive email in Outlook are wrong server port numbers, choosing an improper option when asked for SSL details. You need to contact the email provider and get the exact details in such case.

Access Blocked

Cannot Receive Email In Outlook
Common Outlook Express Issues

Check the Spam folders in your Outlook Express program. If you find the required emails here, it means that you may have accidentally blocked their senders or domains for deletion or created a rule for the purpose. In case you had blocked a sender or domain, their respective emails will go to the Spam folder, not the inbox. Certain rules also allow you to block certain emails from reaching your computer at all. It is also possible that your ISP has blocked the mails as they contain suspicious files or programs.

Account Issues

If you have checked all the possible causes and cannot fix the issue yet, there are other instances wherein you will not be able to receive emails. One of them is the possibility that the security of the email account has been compromised. Alternatively, you may have exceeded the storage limit offered by the provider. In that case, you would need to delete some of the unnecessary emails.

If you still cannot access email, go to the specific email provider’s page and explore the FAQ section for additional troubleshooting steps.

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