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Chrome browser blocks popup advertisements by default, helping people surfing the web get a seamless browsing experience without having to close popups from time to time. The browser interface without ads that pops up on-screen would help users to browse without a glitch in any platform Google Chrome is installed, including Windows PC, Android smartphone, or an iOS device. Yet again, in order to access flashy-heavy websites, one would need to disable the popup blocking feature on Google Chrome.

Whenever Chrome blocks a popup ad on a site, you could see an icon denoting that to the upper right side of the address bar where you enter the website URL. If you move the cursor across to that icon on the browser, you will see a notification denoting the specific website or sites for which popups have been blocked by default. Click on the notification that reads Always show pop-ups from the site it is blocked as and when they arrive. If you click on that notification, Chrome browser would add the site to a list of websites for which it provides an exception to popup blocking.

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In fact, you can also add the name of frequently visited websites for which you want to have an exception. For that, click on the three-dot menu to the top of Chrome and navigate to Settings > Advanced > Content Settings > Popups > Allow and click on Add to its right. Then, enter the name of a website on Add a site dialog box and click on Add to confirm the same and exempt it from popups getting blocked in future.

In fact, you can also allow all such advertisements or banners by disabling the popup blocking feature on a different version of Chrome. For that, follow the below steps:

  • Click on the hamburger-menu denoted by three horizontal lines to the upper right of Chrome.
  • Choose Settings and navigate to Show advanced settings.
  • Under Privacy heading, click on Content settings
  • Under the Pop-ups heading on the dialog box, choose Allow all sites to show pop-ups

Note that this step may change as per the version of Google Chrome you have installed in your device. If the second option shows up on Content Settings in your device, choose Manage exceptions.

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