Why Is My Computer So Slow
Speed Up Windows 7

Windows 7 is an excellent platform to work on. Speed and ease of use are the two main things users love about this OS. But the former is not always guaranteed, and though it usually takes longer for a Windows 7 PC to start responding slowly, this does happen in many cases. With your computer running slow Windows 7 would feel like one of the older platforms such as Vista, and that defeats the purpose of using it in the first place.

You do not have to put up with a slow PC simply because you are not technically well-informed. Just a few basic steps, and related knowhow, could take care of the lag issue on your machine. Some of the more flashy features can be turned off, after which you will find an appreciable boost in system speed. You can do other stuff also.

Disable Unnecessary Services

If you have not checked the active service after the first time you installed the OS, there is bound to be useless services that start running each time the system is powered on. Many of these can be disabled so you do not have to lose RAM needlessly, or other system resources.

Do Some Weeding On The Startup Items

Computer Running Slow
Slow Windows 7 PC

Like with every other OS in the line, Windows 7 gives over considerable resources to the startup programs. Over time, these grow in number because most people do not pay attention when a startup entry is added with almost every installation. These usually have a system tray icon present when they are running, many of these constantly taking up sizable resources where they are not even needed most times. If you have too many such applications, which are not exactly needed for the work you are doing at the time, get rid of them. And if they are not essential to the running of the OS as you want it to run, get them out of startup as well.

Some of the helped tools are what you need to get rid of, and maybe keep the underlying tool around. For instance, there are still many who use Winamp as their system audio player. This one has a companion tool called Winamp agent, which is more of a drain on resources than it’s actually useful.

On a computer running slow Windows 7 would not be that much different from other operating systems in terms of speed, where it should be. So get to work removing the elements slowing down the OS.

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