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A lot of internet users mistake WhiteSmoke toolbar for conventional system toolbars like Google toolbar, Mozilla Firefox, Yahoo toolbar etc. In fact it is not a toolbar, but a browser hacking virus. It is not much of a problem since there are effective WhiteSmoke toolbar removal techniques available now.

First of all, let us get to know what exactly WhiteSmoke toolbar is and how seriously it can affect our computers. You will get to see a series of abnormal events like a changed home page with numerous utility features. If you attempt to click on any one of it, expecting that you will get desired results, then you can be in trouble. The toolbar will redirect you to malicious websites that have got dangerous viruses and Trojans. In the long run, it can really have lethal effects on your computer.

You can make out if your system is affected with the virus if you experience a set of abnormal functions like the ones mentioned below.

  • Your computer might be running very slow recently
  • While opening Task Manager, you might view some processes that were previously not there
  • You will be redirected to strange websites while you launch your web browser. This condition will prevail even though you try to change your home page
  • There can be random and annoying advertisements popping up on your computer screen
  • More time consumed for loading up a web page

Now let us see what all steps can be maneuvered to remove WhiteSmoke toolbar.

WhiteSmoke Toolbar Removal Steps

  • Malware Removal
    PC Crashed Issues

    Get started by launching Windows Task Manager. You can do this either by clicking CTRL + ALT + DEL or CTRL + SHIFT + ESC short cut keys

  • Another alternative way to open Task Manager is by opening RUN
  • Type in taskmgr
  • Click on OK
  • Click on Processes tab and search the process by the nameexe
  • Click on End Process to end the program
  • Look for the malicious registry entries that are created by WhiteSmoke toolbar and remove them all

By performing all of the above mentioned manual steps, you should be able to resolve the issue successfully. Once you are done with all the procedures, you need to restart your browser and confirm if the actions performed have come into effect or not. Once confirmed, you need not worry about the browser hacking virus anymore!

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