Why Is My Computer So Slow
Slow Computer Issues

It’s annoying when you’re surfing the web, to be sitting around waiting more than a minute for each web page to load. This is a problem that thousands of users have to deal with on a regular basis, and the time this eats away isn’t something you can get back. There are many possible reasons as to why you’re facing this issue. Some of them are easy to fix, such as cluttered files, overloaded hardware, etc. Because more times than not, your browser gives you problems because there’s something wrong in the OS.

Any computer is bound to become slow with time and use. People usually store more and more files when they use their PC, and when the space on the drives isn’t enough to accommodate them, you start seeing slow performance. Cleanups are an almost sure way to get your computer running fast and smooth once more. What you’ll need to get rid of are the temporary files, useless saved data, and any malware that’s managed to creep in. The following are the first few things which come to mind when I consider how to speed up my computer.

  • Clear the browser history in your web page. In IE, this is done from the Tools menu, where you need to choose Delete browsing history. If you’re using Firefox, hit the Firefox button and choose History. Then select Clear Recent History.
  • Use the Disk Cleanup Type in the same into the search box and choose the first result that comes up. This utility works out how much of the disk memory can be freed. The next window shows you the options for deleting different kinds of files. Select the ones you want to remove and hit OK.

    How To Speed Up My Computer
    Boosting Computer Speed

  • Check for malware. Use a good antivirus tool for this, which would single out malicious files like spyware and adware, so you can delete or safely contain them. Assess the level of the threat identified by the program, and decide what action to take. If a file is infected, then deleting it is usually the best option. Make sure that the security software is updated, and that the scan security level is set sufficiently high.

These are the things which come to mind when I consider how to speed up my computer. Use these steps at discretion, and always have a backup of the data you’re processing.

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