Dedicated Hosting Services

HostSailor offers various hosting services which match user requirements. One of the services offered by the web host is dedicated server hosting. This is the top of the line website hosting solution available on the market. Get an idea about it, and you will realize why many covet this service for having an online presence.

Dedicated Server Hosting from HostSailor

This type of hosting service involves the use of a physical web server. The customer can lease the resources of this system for their website. The unique thing about this service is that only that customer’s website files will be hosted on the machine. This offers its own unique benefits to the user. First of all, no other user is there to share the resources of it, so this does away with a situation called “bad neighbor effect”. That is something which affects users on a shared web hosting package.

This is a scenario in which a website on the shared system has an immense inflow of traffic. This traffic influx causes that site to take the resources from others that are hosted on the server to prevent downtime. With a HostSailor dedicated server, you will not need to manage such a situation. This is one of the reasons why it is one of the best dedicated hosting service providers.

So Who Chooses a Dedicated Server for Their Website?

Usually, it is the businesses that require a high level of data security and a high amount of server capacity that go for this solution. The HostSailor service is perfect for these kinds of demands.

Generally, a startup or a relatively new business will not have such requirements, but an established organization will have. So a bigger organization usually subscribe to this server plan for their website alone.

Best Dedicated Hosting
Website Hosting Services

Big businesses offer seasonal deals and campaigns, so during those months, they expect to see a spike in the number of visitors to their website. In the context of web hosting, traffic is nothing but the data transferred by those who visit a site.

For the above reasons, bigger businesses must choose a dedicated server to ensure a seamless website browsing experience to visitors.

The Features of HostSailor Dedicated Hosting

The web hosting company offers many different packages, with various resource capabilities. All these plans have 5 terabytes of outgoing bandwidth, which means that much data can be sent from a hosting account. Of course, you can choose an unmetered bandwidth package when you want to. This package is ideal for hosting service subscribers who regularly have to transfer vast amounts of data.

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