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We all know that Microsoft Outlook is the most popular and widely used email manager program in the world. Millions of people using it on a day-to-day basis for managing their email accounts. Even though the company that developed Outlook- Microsoft has taken special care to make the program error free and smooth. Occasionally Microsoft Outlook shows some errors when you try to open the program. One of the most commonly found error that makes the Outlook program corrupt, is when you launch the program, saying, “Outlook will not load”. Here, we discuss some tips for making sure that the Outlook program functions correctly.

Make sure that the system is already connected to the internet before you launch the program. The Outlook program will load quicker if you have a working internet connection. Ensure you are already connected to it before opening the program. Another important thing to check is the speed of the connection you have. A slow internet connection is one of the main reasons why Outlook will not load properly when you launch the program.

Having an internet connection with high-speed connectivity will help you in opening the Outlook program quickly. If you are unsure on the issue causing Outlook to not load, select the option called Run Offline from the Outlook home button. If the program loaded successfully and swiftly when in offline mode, the problem is with the internet connection speed. So it will be better if you move on to a connection with high connection speed. So that you will be able to load the Outlook program successfully.

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One of the main factors affecting the loading time of the Outlook program is the ancillary information you have provided with the program. You need to be sure of the ancillary information you are accessing while you are loading the Outlook program. Opening Outlook and downloading large number of emails from multiple accounts at the same time will cause the Outlook program to run slow and load slowly. Always make sure that you do not have many emails for downloading. Set a limit for accounts to synchronize at a time with the program.

If you follow the simple tips given above, you will not be having issues while launching the Outlook email manager program.

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