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Disable Use Hardware Acceleration

There are several workarounds and troubleshooting steps to fix a black screen error on Google Chrome. If you come across a black screen when surfing the web on Chrome browser installed in Windows 7 or above, try the below steps one by one.

Disable the Add-Ons

Open an Incognito tab on Chrome, click the three-dot menu to the upper right, and go to More Tools > Extensions. Deselect the Enabled extensions next to each one in order to Disable it. Go back to the normal Chrome tab after that and reload it to see if the black screen goes away. Try disabling each browser extension and Remove the add-ons, which might have caused the black screen error.

Disable Use Hardware Acceleration

Google Chrome keeps Hardware Acceleration enabled to enhance the rendering of graphic content. However, the system hardware or the Graphics Processing Unit fails to cope up with graphical intensive tasks at times, leading to the black screen may occur. To clear that, navigate to Settings > Advanced > System and deselect the option Use Hardware Acceleration When Available. After that, check if the browser is working fine; if not, proceed to the next troubleshoot for black screen error on Chrome.

Disable the Below Flags

Block Popups In Chrome
Black Screen Issue

Type chrome://flags in the address bar of Chrome and press the Enter key. Depending on the version of the browser you use to surf the web, you may be to disable the flags titled Threaded Compositing, GPU Compositing on All Pages, Do Show Presents with GD. Once you disable all three features under Chrome flags, reboot the browser and check if you see the black screen. Do install the latest update of Adobe Flash Player on the computer if it is an older version.

Reset Chrome

If none of the aforementioned steps fixes the black screen issue, reset the browser as a last resort. First, reset chrome, uninstall it, and then reinstall the browser on Windows PC. To reset, enter chrome://settings on the address bar and search for Advanced by simultaneously pressing Ctrl and F keys. When the cursor highlights Advanced setting, click it and find the Reset Browser Settings option by searching the same way.

Click the option to restore Chrome to a default state. Note that apart from clearing the black screen error, you can also try this step to block popups in Chrome.

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