How to improve computer speed
Computer Speed Issue

Having to deal with a slow computer does not strictly mean you new one in its place. In fact, any machine can slow down under enough pressure, unless you have measures in place to prevent this. With some basic knowledge of how to improve computer speed, you can make sure that performance never drops below a certain level – one that you are comfortable operating at. There are innumerous system tools online, which were created for the sole purpose of assisting the user with the maintenance of their PC.

Registry cleaners are one of the popular and useful kinds of system utility. These are used to scan the Windows registry and find and delete damaged or corrupted files, folders, and programs. Before these started being used, people did this manually, but there was always the danger of deleting the wrong key and causing a system crash. At the very least, there was the danger that an application would stop working, which is not a concern when using a good registry cleaner.

Get Rid Of Idle Programs

Some of the applications in your computer have probably not been used in a long time. Neither do you see any use for them shortly. There is no sense on keeping these around, especially if they run in the background while you are logged in to the OS. Visit the Control Panel and fire up the Add or Remove Programs applet. From there, find the entry for your useless program and hit Uninstall. Follow the instructions given in the window that comes up.

Use A Good Antivirus

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Increase Computer Speed

Virus infractions might be another reason for your computer responding slowly. Use an antivirus program that you trust, and make sure that it is updated regularly. This will enable it to block the latest malware that pops up online.

Sort Out The Startup Entries

There will be programs that start running right after Windows loads. You need to get these out of the startup category so that boot time is not slowed down. Less memory is eaten up this way, leaving you with the most resources at your disposal.

That was on how to improve computer speed. All of this comes down to how much RAM you have available. The more of RAM space that active processes take up, the less you will be able to use for work or gaming.

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