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When the computer boots up, it loads the operating system and certain hard drive settings in order to make it user ready. The startup time of a system may slow down due to several factors, including the performance of RAM. Below are the top four ways to boost the booting speed of a Mac PC featuring OS X Lion or a later version.

Quit Applications While Turning Off

In case you keep more apps open when shutting down a Mac PC, it will resume the open windows and apps when the system starts. This would make the PC to boot up slow. Henceforth, you should quit applications prior to shutting down or at least deselect the Reopen Windows When Logging Back In option when you get prompted to confirm system shut down. If you disable that, OS X would open applications upon start, but not each window you may have left open.

Install a Solid State Drive in the PC

Usually, if the free space is more on a computer’s hard disk it will run fast. The more the hard disk space the easier it will be for OS X to boot up. In case you install an SSD in the PC, it will enhance required boot time by speeding up app loading on the startup screen of Mac PC.

Clean Up the Desktop Icons

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Disable Startup Applications

Users have a tendency to create plenty of shortcuts of files on the desktop of computers, but it will affect the boot up time. The computer should load each desktop icon while it boots up, so it is best to clear the clutter on the desktop by moving shortcuts of files to elsewhere in the PC.

Hide Apps That Load Up upon Start

To hide unused applications, which you do not want OS X to load automatically when you log in to Mac PC including extensions, click the Apple menu, navigate to System Preferences, and select Users and Groups from the context menu that pops up. From the list of what Apple calls Login Items that will open when OS X boots up, deselect a checkbox next to a helper application in the list. There might be a browser add-on, which you may not need to load upon starting the system, so hiding that will enhance the booting time of Mac PC.

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