Computer Running Slow
Automatic Program Launches

Slow-functioning desktops are not just a thing of the past, as you would know if you have ever had to try and work on one. It is normal for your computer to become sluggish after long use, so we have made a list of four things that might have a hand in it.

Too Many Programs are Open

With today’s obsession for multitasking, people often try and do everything they can all at once. However, there is a limit to what your computer’s processor and memory can handle, and beyond a certain point, you will start noticing that it has gone slow, especially when moving from one program to another. The best way forward is to quit any programs you are not using, and only launch them after you have finished using what is open.

You Don’t Have Enough Memory or Hard Disk Space

According to IT experts, using even as much as 85% of what you have in terms of hard drive or RAM can make the computer slow to a crawl. This can be from programs, temporary files, updates, and downloads taking up too much of either or both. What you need to do first is empty the trash, and then see if there is a way to move some of the biggest files to the cloud.

Computer Tech Support
Unnecessary Software Updates

Help in the form of a computer tech support professional can prove invaluable when you have your computer running slow. As for the RAM, see if you have the option to upgrade it to a higher one for better performance.

Unnecessary Software Updates

Many programs, when you install them, are configured by default to download and install updates, as and when these come out. While this gives you the benefit of better features, the updates themselves can take up a lot of the available hard drive space. That in turn can jeopardize the fast running of your computer. To eliminate this problem, you may want to take a look at a maintenance solution which handles all your updates.

Too Many Automatic Program Launches

Many applications are preset to load directly after startup, and this can sometimes cause your system to slow down when the operating system is loading. You may not even be ware some of these programs are running in the background. To fix this, you will need to disable some of the programs in the startup log.

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