Windows Safe Mode
Windows Safe Mode

Microsoft, the world’s supreme software producer, has developed or offered many software products and services over the years. Windows is probably the most popular Operating System series in the world, developed by the software giant. The different iterations provide many features to enhance the overall experience of the users. Windows Remote Assistance is one such feature or tool. When your computer is on the fritz, you may need assistance repairing it. Windows Remote Assistance lets you avail exactly that.

The Windows Remote Assistance tool is actually used for connecting a host computer with a client computer. The user on the host computer can then access the client’s computer, and will then be able to help the client user resolve any issues or problems they are having on their machine. You can use this Remote Assistance feature in Safe Mode to make sure that the computer can be securely investigated. This online computer repair and support article will help you understand the procedure to use Remote Assistance.


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    Windows Repair Using Remote Assistance

    You need to log into Windows 7 on your computer as an administrator, and then click on the Start After that, you can enter Remote Assistance into the search box, and then press the Enter key.

  • Then, you need to click on the Windows Remote Assistance option from the list of results, and then click on the Invite Someone You Trust To Help You
  • After that, you can select the contact that you want to connect with, and then click the Invite This Person You then need to type in your user name, and then click on the Continue button.
  • Then, you need to enter your password, and then click on the Save Invitation After that, close the window and click on the Start button.
  • You can click on the Run option and then enter msconfig into the text box. Click on the OK button and then select the Boot tab from the System Configuration Utility dialog box.
  • After that, you can click on the box next to the /SAFEBOOT field, and then click the OK Then, subsequently, select the Restart button and your computer will then reboot in Safe Mode. The other user also will have to accept the Remote Assistance invitation of yours.

We hope that the above instructions helped with the procedure of how to use remote assistance in Windows Safe Mode. Contact our online computer repair experts if you need more help along these lines.

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