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Microsoft seems to be releasing updated versions of Windows 10 Preview Build at quite a pace. Although many testers are yet to make the upgrade to the latest OS Preview Build version 9926, Microsoft is already getting ready to release the next version. There was a gap of about two months between the 9926 and the previous OS Build version, 9879. Of course, the unofficial leaked Windows OS 10 Builds released in between do not count.

However, this time around, it seems that the Windows Insider program users need not wait that long to see the release of the next OS Build. Microsoft seems to be reducing the time gap between the OS Builds at least for the next release. This also suggests that Microsoft might be considering accelerating the Windows OS 10 development program in order to hit the market before summer.

Install The Patches Released For Windows OS 10 Build 9926

Microsoft has released three patches to fix some of the issues in the latest OS Build 9926. This is the main advantage of thoroughly testing the OS through the Windows Insider program. Microsoft has so far detected thousands of technical issues in the Preview version of the OS and has rectified them in the subsequent versions.

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They also release patches so that you can fix these issues even before the release of the next OS Build. So, if you have been using the latest Windows 10 preview and have been experiencing some issues and problems in your system, it is time to check what all updates and fixes are available for your OS Build version. For the Windows OS 10 Build 9926, Microsoft has so far released three fixes.

The KB numbers for these fixes are KB3040021, KB3038930, and KB3021952. You need to download and install these fixes to get the OS Build ready and working smoothly before the release of the next Build version. In fact, according to a statement issued by Microsoft, two of these fixes namely KB3040021 and KB3038930 are designed to fix a problem that would have prevented the OS from installing any future OS Build updates.

So, you cannot skip these fixes and wait for the next OS Build to be released. Without installing these fixes, the installation of the next OS Build might lead to some errors. The ‘KB3021952’ fix, on the other hand, will fix some of the security issued in the Internet Explorer. So, update your Windows OS 10 Preview today itself to resolve these issues.

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