Internet Explorer Not Working
Internet Explorer Problems

Internet Explorer comes preinstalled with all Windows operating systems. But you are free to decide whether to use it or not. Reports indicate majority of Windows users do not use this web browser for the fear of frequent crashing and Internet Explorer not working errors.

However, Internet Explorer offers higher-level security during web browsing. It notifies you about malicious websites when you happen to visit them. By keeping your Internet Explorer updated and executing some important repair steps, you can make it work as efficiently as any other browser does. Here are some tips to make your Internet Explorer work normally.

Uninstall All Unwanted Plug-Ins

Occasionally, you would find Internet Explorer not working because of its crashing with the plug-ins in your computer. By way of uninstalling these problematic plug-ins, you can repair Internet Explorer and get it back to normal working condition. Work out the below steps in order to remove or disable a plug-in in Internet Explorer.


  • Open Internet Explorer and navigate to the Settings icon, which you can see on the top right corner of the screen.
Repair Internet Explorer
Internet Explorer Settings
  • Select Manage Add-ons button from the resulting drop-down menu. This will open a new screen titled Manage Add-ons. Select the Toolbars and Extensions from the left menu pane. It is listed as the first option under Types of add-ons.
  • Select the add-ons and extensions that you wish to disable one by one and click the disable button from the bottom of the screen. Once done, click the Close button to exit the screen.
  • Restart Internet Explorer now and see if the problem persists. If yes, go to the next method.

Reset Internet Explorer

By resetting Internet Explorer, you can get it back to the default stage. Any error that have caused the browser to malfunction due to any changes in the settings would be repaired by the reset.

  • Go to the Start button and select the search option.
  • Type cpl in the type field and click the Enter key on the keyboard. This will open the Internet Properties screen.
  • Select the Advanced tab and then click the Restore Follow the on-screen prompts and you are done. Restart IE and the issue must be solved now.

That was how to troubleshot Internet Explorer not working error.

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