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Office 365 is a brand new program from Microsoft. It is loaded with a number of brand new features. It has everything to make your work more simple and productive. Whether you are an entrepreneur looking forward to improve your company’s productivity or an employee seeking to impress your boss with your work, Microsoft Office 365 has everything to make your ideas come true. Here, let us see some interesting features of Office 365.

Accessibility From Anywhere In The World

Office 365 is a cloud-based service. With a standard computing device, say laptop, desktop, or tablet and an active internet connection, you can access your Office 365 account from anywhere in the world. Your Office 365 account is directly connected to Microsoft’s central data center. In fact, this is what enables you to access your Office account from anywhere.

Office 365 Password Reset And Security Features

As Office 365 is a cloud-based service, you need to password-protect it. You can access your Office 365 account just like any other web-based service, say email account. Microsoft has ensured that Office 365 is a secure service. For this, they have integrated it with secure password reset options.

You will be able to execute Office 365 password reset only with the permission of your administrator if you have chosen to synchronize the password in the cloud. Well, this might sound quite odd and complicated but it ensures safety.

Ability To Make Changes In Publicly Shared Documents

Office 365 Password Reset
Reset Office 365 Password

It is quite common that you will have change of mind with the regard to certain work related schedules. Until now, we used to ring up every concerned individual about the reschedule or email them the new schedule. Well, this is not something that you should continue to do in future.

With Office 365, you can reschedule a publicly shared timetable. When the schedule is modified, everyone who has been shared the file will be notified about it. This makes things quite easier for you and for your office staff.

Integrated With All Microsoft Services

Office 365 is integrated with many Microsoft online services such as SharePoint Online, Lync, etc. In all respects, Office 365 is the best productivity program at the moment. Visit Microsoft support site or contact Office 365 tech support to find more about Office 365 subscription charges, plans, and other services.

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