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Software issues that can happen in a computer are not limited to one or two. It would be quite frustrating when these issues show up while you work with important things on your computer. Yet before you do anything to deal with the errors in the system, it is better to first restart your computer. This may seem as an unwanted step, but many a times, a simple reboot can fix common software issues.

You should also make sure that your computer’s operating system and the software you are facing errors with are updated to the latest version. If your computer is up-to-date, and you still face the errors, get in touch with a computer tech support team to find and resolve the issues. Still, if you had the time, you can try the below quick fixes to deal with common software issues in your computer.

The Computer Keeps Restarting

Firstly, make sure that it is not due to Windows Updates being installed in the computer. Then, update all critical system drivers like graphic cards, video cards, network card drivers, etc. Still, if your computer keeps restarting, it can be due to many things like overheating, virus, adware, etc.

Modern computers consist of safeguarding features that shuts down the machine if any component is overheating, and this can cause frequent restarts if you run programs that demand more processing power. So if the computer gets too much heated when you are working on a specific software, you might have to upgrade the PC components to run the program without glitches.

Too Many Pop-Up Ads Appearing on the Desktop

Sometimes when you are not running any web browser, pop-up ads may still appear on the desktop. This is because you might have installed an adware, the program that displays unwanted ads. Though some adware might be useful, most of them are just spam. To solve this problem, you need to run a complete virus scan of the computer using a credible antivirus software.

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Note that additional problems may occur if more than one antivirus program is running. If the antivirus scan did not solve the issue, back up your personal files and then try doing a full system formatting.

The Computer is Very Slow

Usually, people think that computer runs slow because of any problem with the system. Hence, make sure if your computer system is the actual cause of the problem or not. As Windows needs room for creating files in the hard drive while your computer is running, you need to have enough free space in it.

Microsoft’s System Configuration is a great tool to tackle the slow performance problem of a computer. Using the tool, you can disable all unnecessary programs that make the system slow. If you still run into slow computer issues, call a computer tech support team for advanced help.

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