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Windows Support System is a malware that is promoted through misleading campaigns and is generally performed by fake Microsoft company safety Essentials Alert. Even though it looks like a skilled plan that is suggested by Microsoft, in fact, it is a standard rogue anti-spyware that foolishly seeks to market fake licensed versions.

Trojans that bombard users with Microsoft company safety Essentials Alert make a misleading impression that the program has safety issues that should be eliminated. The users will be asked to neutralize the infection and for this, they will be asked to setup a no cost trial edition of the fake Windows Support System.

Most of the computer users who have currently been advised to setup a no cost edition of it may not have a clue how this Microsoft company safety Essentials Alert Trojan infected their computer. In reality, all this can be done through safety vulnerabilities that are discovered during the scan. When on board, these misleading campaign starts with bogus safety messages that provide the users with completely misleading data. This will not be a good option to eliminate these viruses. The only sensible solution that you can perform is to eliminate the Trojan out of your computer. An additional suggestion would be to disregard all the messages that are given by this fake antivirus program.

If you have bought any antivirus from these fake antivirus providers, you can get in touch with your credit card company to dispute these charges. You can also contact the Windows support number to get rid of this infection. The steps to remove Windows Support System are explained below in this article. You may follow these steps religiously to get rid of the system from your PC.


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    Fake Antivirus

    Restart the computer and stop the Rogue Virus processes.

  • Remove HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows NTCurrentVersion \ Winlogon “Shell” = ‘%UserProfile%Application Data[random].exe. These are the Rogue Virus Registry entries.
  • Move to the directory of the rogue virus and remove %UserProfile%\Application Data\[random].exe.
  • After deleting the registry entries of the rogue viruses, you can download an automatic virus removal tool or some antivirus program and then run a full system scan to ensure that your computer is safe.
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