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Though hardware devices are evolving over the years and processors are becoming faster, most users still face performance and speed issues when using a laptop. This can be attributed to the presence of viruses or improper configuration of hardware and software. The simple tips and tweaks provided here will help you to know how to speed up your computer without taking it to a service centre.

Upgrade The RAM

In most laptops, you have the option to upgrade the RAM. This is available in the MacBook and few selected Netbooks. Instead of opting for an upgrade from the manufacturer, you may choose to buy the laptop’s RAM separately. This will save up on the costs for purchase and installation. The process of upgrading the RAM is quite simple, and you can do this all by yourself. Though the installation procedure is different for varying models, most often you just have to slide out the old unit and plug in the new RAM. You may install two RAM units of the same capacity if you are using a dual core processor computer.

Bloatware Removal

When you install third party software programs, you may unknowingly choose to install certain adware and potentially unwanted programs like toolbars. You have to remove such programs from the Control Panel menu. To do this, open the Start Menu and click on the Control Panel link. Among the options that you see in the window, choose Uninstall Programs. Among the list of installed programs, identify the ones that are unwanted or suspicious like free add-ons and toolbars. Select the program name that you wish to remove and click on Uninstall.

Use Linux

Computer Running Slow
Speed Issues In Laptops

Most of the computers in use today run on Windows operating platforms owing to their ease of use and appealing features. However, it is a fact that Linux operating system is less prone to infections and hence run faster. Most Netbooks ship computers with Linux preinstalled. To start with, you can try the Ubuntu OS, which is similar to the Windows OS.

Terminate Unnecessary Processes

Most often, the main reason why computers become slow is the buildup of too many programs and applications, which run in the background and consume much of the system resources. For a temporary speed boost, right click on the Windows Taskbar and select Task Manager. Identify the programs that are unnecessary and terminate them one by one.

If you are still trying to boost the speed of your computer, you can try reducing the screen resolution of the laptop, which is often set to display maximum amount of colors and screen space. This would increase the performance of the laptop marginally.

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