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The Outlook webmail service is nowhere near as customizable as Gmail. That said, what it does offer is not something to easily overlook. There are some great features all to its won, such as email aliases, which you can store in the webmail version of Outlook address book. That means you will have more than one address under the single account.

Why You Would Want This

The usefulness of an alias may not be obvious from the start. One of these addresses can be set as the recovery email ID for if and when you lose your password. That way, hackers will find it harder to get at you through the backdoor you have set up. You can also make junk addresses so that these can be provided to websites, which require you to register. And your personal, primary email ID stays out of reach of the marketers. With them still in your Outlook address book.

Creating An Alias In Outlook.Com

  • Hit the Settings button at the upper right of the page. Choose More Mail Settings from the menu.
  • When you get to the next page, move to Managing Your Account, and then choose Create an Outlook Alias. You will have to sign in once more for this.
  • The alias creation page loads. Type in the username you want to use as the alias address, and choose the domain you want for it. Then hit Create an Alias.
  • You will be notified if the address is taken, and registered if it is not. Specify if you want the mail to the alias delivered to the primary inbox, or just a separate folder in it. Hit Done after you are finished setting that up.

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After a few minutes, you will get an email message saying that the new alias is ready to be used. After you have it up and running, it can be used to sign into the Microsoft account with the password you have always had for. It is also possible to switch between the different addresses as the primary email, so that the rest are delegated to the position of aliases.

These aliases can be used in other places than the website, such as for Android. If you are a user, create aliases so you can use these when you need to keep your main ID out of it. Managing is easy if you set up a folder for the mail incoming to each of these secondary IDs.

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