Why Is My Computer So Slow
Common Problems And Errors

All computer users will experience some issues now and then. All of us might have asked at least once, “Why is my computer so slow?” In fact, even the most secure and stable computer might not be safe from failing hardware or buggy software.

Computer problems can prove to be a big headache, halting business, and costing you money. Here is list of some of the common computer issues and their causes.

Computer not Turning On

This can be the worst nightmare for any user. When you press the Power button of the computer, nothing happens. Many things can lead to the computer not turning on and sometimes it can be simply a loose cord, which is not allowing the computer to turn on.

In some of the cases, the CPU light and fan might turn on, but the PC will not boot or might display a blank window. This can happen due to an unplugged or dead monitor, corruption in the boot sector, or damage in the hard drive of the PC.

Freezes and Lockups

The Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) error frustrates many of the computer users as it stops the device and displays an error message that is not decipherable to most of the users. Freeze and lockups can be caused by reasons like buggy software, or insufficient memory space.

Bad hardware can also lead to lockups. RAM issues and failing hardware can lead to overheating and lockups of computers. Loose components can also lead to sudden lockups, error messages, or spontaneous shutdowns.

Slow Performance

Online Computer Repair
Freezes And Lockups

When you delete applications and files from the computer junk can be left behind. The accumulation of unwanted data and files can make your computer slow and degrade the performance. Not having enough hard drive space or RAM can also slow down the computer and lead to errors.

As said earlier, many of us have hit our heads hard asking, “Why is my computer so slow?” However, there can be many other causes of computer slowness and an online computer repair service will be able to fix the slowness of your PC.


Poor ventilation, failing fans, or heavy usage can lead to build up of heat. Most of the modern computers are designed to shutdown automatically when they overheat. This automatic shutdown mechanism is provided to work as a precaution against hardware damaged due to heat buildup.

However, it can be much alarming to the user when the computer shutdown on its own out of nowhere. Computer overheating can led to many issues like lockups, mouse errors, and strange performances.

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