Computer Virus
Computer Virus

Do you know why strange windows keep popping up as you browse the internet?

Your PC may have been infected by a virus or spyware proliferating over the web. The first question that you need to ask yourself is that do you have internet security software that includes a firewall that is up to date, antivirus, and anti-spyware. This is the very least that you need to add to your security list.

What Is A Computer Virus? 

A computer virus is a computer program that when executed in a device (computer or laptop) modify other programs and multiply itself in the system. Often, lax security settings explain how a virus was permitted to be activated. Other times, your system could have been invaded by skilled hackers.

The purpose of a computer virus is to steal data, take over control of the system, and infect vulnerable systems. These are a huge risk to a company’s computers that contain sensitive customer information and also, personal systems with personal pictures and other information.

Often, these come attached in emails, websites, downloading or by opening infected file etc.

How Do You Remove A Virus From Your System?

Getting a virus removal requires locating the code that built the virus function or role. Once located, deleting or overwriting the file or disk sectors and memory that hold the malware can get rid of the code. The more you know about where the malware code usually ends up, the more likely you could do the job yourself. The below tips might help you find out and eliminate the virus program from your computer.

Virus Removal
Virus Removal
  • Terminating a virus from memory can sometimes be done in MS Windows by calling up the task-manager and terminating the process or processes that the malware operates under.
  • If you know the directories that malware usually installs, go there and look for unassociated files to delete.
  • Software that can reveal anything unusual so that you can decide what is necessary and what is unnecessary. Explore the automatically runs, probe what programs start automatically, and try to find out the virus program.
  • Get software that will restore your system as it was earlier.
  • Finally, ask around for an effective antivirus scanner. Some companies offer free online scans and will also sell a license for a year or more to use as an auto-updating malware scanner.

Like the experts have said, the quickest way would be to use a bootable disk that has a fresh virus scanner installation and won’t load the OS while it scans.

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