Computer Running Slow
Computer Running Slow

After using a laptop for a long time, we might have come across some issues like automatic rebooting and the appearance of a blue screen. This can happen due to many reasons and overheating is one of the main causes of this issue. Overheating can also lead to many problems and that will result in the computer running slow. There are many ways to overcome the issue of overheating and some of them are as follows.

Use The Laptop On A Flat Surface

Most of the laptops will be having their air vents on the sides or on their bottom. Therefore, if we are using it on uneven surfaces like beds, pillows, etc. it will block the vents and trap the hot air inside the system. Using laptops by placing on the lap for a long time will also lead to similar issues. For solving this problem, using the laptops on a flat surface is the best option. However, it may not be effective for those devices having air vents at the bottom. To reduce overheating in those devices, you can raise the laptop from the surface with a book or a stand.

Use A Laptop Cooling Pad

A cooling pad is a device that is equipped with an air conditioning system to reduce the heat of a laptop. It is a cheap device that can be effectively used to reduce the overheating of your laptop. Cooling pads will suck the air from the bottom vents of a laptop and also cools down the inside of the system by pushing cool air through the vents. It also helps in raising the device from the surface and it also leads to a reduction in heat.

Clean The Vents Regularly

Computer Tech Support
Computer Tech Support

Placing the laptop on a flat surface and using a cooling pad are effective methods to reduce the overheating problem. However, the basic step to overcome this issue is to clean the air vents. Over time, the vents will get blocked by the dust from the atmosphere and it will reduce the airflow both from inside and outside and it will lead to overheating. Therefore, it is necessary to clean the vents with a vacuum cleaner or an air blower to keep the device good.

The above mentioned are some of the methods to resolve the overheating problem of a laptop. If you are not able to regain the speed or to use your laptop smoothly even after testing these techniques, it would be better to take your system to a computer tech support center to find out the issue.

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