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Windows Restarts Abruptly

Windows computers can restart without any messages or notices while you are using it. Since the release of the Windows XP operating system, Microsoft has designed the operating system to reboot automatically when an error like Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) occurs. This is a good setup for errors, which does not occur often. However, when the error is reoccurring, the automatic restart can be annoying and you will have to find ways to fix the error.

Of course, contacting an online computer repair team is a good option to find and fix the error. Yet before contacting the computer tech support provider, it will be a wise idea to disable the automatic restart feature of the operating system, so that the technician will be able to work on your PC remotely, without any interruptions. The steps to disable the automatic restart are explained below.

Disable Automatic Restart

  • On the desktop of your computer, right click on My Computer.
  • Select Properties to reach System Properties
  • In the System Properties window, click on the Advanced tab, and then select Settings that is located under Startup and Recovery.
  • In the Startup and Recovery window, you need to uncheck the box in front of Automatically Restart and then click on the OK
Online Computer Repair
Disable Automatic Restart

Performing the above steps will ensure that your computer will not restart automatically when it encounters an error. However, these steps will not fix the error that was making the PC to restart abruptly, but only stop the PC from restarting. Therefore, after disabling the automatic restart feature, you can contact the computer tech support team of your choice to look further into the issue. The tech support staff will be able to help you fix the issue if a program or some software components cause it.

Note that if the unexpected reboot is caused by some failing hardware component, you will need to get help of a computer repair shop in your locality to find and fix the issue. If you have added some hardware component or device to the computer recently and the issue started after that, you will have to remove the device or the component to ensure that it is not causing the issue.

If you find that the restart issue is solved after removing the hardware, you can be sure that device was causing it. The device might be incompatible with your computer or might be facing some conflicts with other PC components. In either case, you will need to seek technical help to solve the issue.

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