Windows 8 Problems
Fix Windows 8 Problems

Windows 8 has undergone radical changes in its appearance and features. Obviously, you are supposed to learn a few things to get started with using this new operating system. Basically, you would find that a lot of features in Windows 8 are similar to that of a smartphone. Although Microsoft is criticised for this similarity, users find it helpful because they do not have to put too much effort to get familiar with the new operating system.

Getting started with using Windows 8 is going to be very simple and interesting if you know the basic sides of this new operating system. Windows 8 can be easily switched to its predecessor Windows 7. The fundamental difference that Windows 8 has against former Windows operating systems is that it does not have a Start button. Many have observed it as one of the major Windows 8 problems. But the truth is it is a new feature that Microsoft has introduced into this new operating system and we should be ready to take it as a change and get used to it. It can be quite hard for one who has been using Windows for decades, but once you know how to operate Windows 8, you would love it.

How To Switch To Windows 7 From Windows 8

Windows Installer Error
Windows 8 Start Screen

As we have seen already, Windows 8 does not have a Start button. Once the PC is turned on, you just need to open the Start Screen. The Start Screen contains tiles for all applications you have in the PC. Interestingly, desktop is listed as one application. To go to the traditional desktop, all you need to do is to click the Desktop tile.

How To Open An Application Quickly In Windows 8

You might wonder then how it is possible to open an application quickly in Windows 8. All you need to do is simply type the name of the application into the Start Screen. This will quickly bring up the tile for that app and you can click or tap it to open.

Windows 8 is modern in all aspects despite some Windows 8 problems. Many of these problems can be resolved easily once you get familiar with the operating system. For any questions related to Windows installer error or other technical issues, contact us on the above shown toll free number.

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