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Windows Registry Errors

You might have heard that fixing the registry of your computer can help to speed it up. However, not all the steps can be useful and some of them can even be harmful to the computer in the long run. The Registry is a massive internal database of your computer that holds important, computer specific data and information in the PC regarding system hardware, system settings, installed drivers and software, and profile details.

The Windows operating system constantly refers to the Registry. Running a program, making changes to the hardware, installing new software, etc. – all these make the operating system refer to the data contained in the Registry of the computer. There can be small bits and fragments of orphaned or deleted software registries in the computer. However, these fragments are very small and should not lead to issues in the computer.

Causes of Registry Error

There can be many common causes of Registry errors and some of them are worth worrying about. Below are some of the common Registry errors.

Orphaned Entries

Orphaned entries are usually not an issue. These entries occur when programs are uninstalled from the computer and small fragments of the entry are left behind. Most of the Registry fix software available online claim that these entries can cause immediate issue and need to be removed promptly. Yet usually, these entries are harmless.

Duplicate Keys

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Malware And Viruses

Duplicate keys are usually not an issue and are formed when you reinstall, update, or upgrade a software on the computer, including the operating system of the computer. Having duplicate entries on the PC might lead to some software in the PC getting confused. This might slow down the computer and can affect its performance.

Fragmented Registry

Fragmented Registry is usually not an issue and can be much similar to duplicate keys. The registry of your computer can be fragmented when software is updated, upgraded, or uninstalled. Registry fragmentation can be harmful to the computer and needs to be fixed by a computer tech support expert.

Malware and Viruses

Malware and viruses are big issue. They can infect your computer and modify the Registry of the same leading to all sorts of computer problems. The performance of the computer can be affected; you might not be able to connect to a network from the computer and many more. Malware and viruses need to be immediately removed from your computer.

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