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Are you in search of ways to clean the registry of your Windows 10 computer? If so, remember that if you do not choose the proper registry cleaning tools, your perfectly functioning Windows system can be damaged.

Registry cleaning tools are often marketed as magic wands for issues and promise improvements in performance, but if you allow any Windows registry cleaning tool to delete everything that it finds useless or causing issues, you are sure to run into troubles and end up making things worse.

When used wisely, registry cleaning tools can help solve many issues in your Windows 10 PC by tracking down unwanted and rogue entries and deleting them. The trick here is to learn how to use these tools wisely. The below tips can help you selectively search, analyze, and remove rogue entries.

Install a Registry Cleaner

If you have not installed any registry cleaner program in your computer, the first thing to do is to install a good one. While installing, make sure that you select the Custom Install (Advanced) option. Now un-tick any unnecessary programs and make sure that they are not installed in your PC alongside the registry cleaner application. You can then hit the Install button.

Take Precautions

Before proceeding further, make sure to make a System Restore Point. To do this, type systems restore into the search box and select Create a Restore Point from the options. Make sure that the system restore option is switched on for C drive. To do this, select System Restore > Configure, and then select Create to have a restore point to which you can revert the PC if necessary.

Pre-Scan Checklist

Open the registry cleaner program that you have installed and go to the Settings menu. From the subsequent menu, select the areas that you need the cleaner to check. If you do not know which areas to check, you can proceed with the default values and click on the Scan Now button. Wait until the scan is completed.

Scan Results

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Pre-Scan Checklist

Do not be surprised if the result shows hundred of errors in the computer. Most of them can be left safely without affecting the performance or stability of the computer. The errors might be divided into various categories, and most of them will not have any detrimental effect on the PC.

Explore the Results

Most of the errors displayed might offer clues to their origin. You can look for references to particular program or search online to find more about the error. This will let you understand more about the error and the effect of removing the registry key value on your Windows PC.

Select and Repair

Choose the errors that you have found affecting the performance of your computer and click on Repair to fix the errors and remove the registry keys. After the repair is finished, reboot your computer to see if its performance has improved.

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