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When you buy a new computer, you will have lot of expectation about it. If budget is not a constraint for you, you would buy the latest PC with highest features because you know that such a PC could give you maximum performance and fewer problems. But it should be noted that there is no link between the price and the problems. Problems can occur in a PC at any time. You cannot be prepared to address them.

Common Issues In Windows PC

Computer users are bound to face a large number of problems. Some of the issues that you come across would have specific error code. Fixing a problem with a specific error code is easier in fact. For instance, if you receive the Error 1053 The Service Did Not Respond, it means one of the Windows services is corrupted and needs immediate repair. Usually, when you face this error message, your computer would freeze, affecting most of your operations.

How To Troubleshoot Error 1053

According to experts, Error 1053 The Service Did Not Respond is caused by corrupted Advapi32.dll file. So, in order to fix the problem, the corrupted file needs to be replaced. Advap32.dll is associated with Windows Registry, and so, you can locate the file in the Advanced API services screen.

Online Computer Repair
Causes Of Error 1053

Advapi32.dll manages the APIs that consists of security command and registry keys. Running the Windows Registry cleaner repair the corrupted Advapi32.dll file and thereby Error 1053. You can get free Windows Registry cleaners online. Note that there are several phony Windows Registry cleaner that are designed to make the error more complicated. Refrain from downloading and installing such Registry cleaners.

Ask any of your friends or experts about authentic sites from where you can download and install reliable registry cleaners. If running the Windows registry cleaner does not fix the problem, download and install Microsoft.NET Framework 1.1 Service Pack 1, which will certainly fix the problem. The following steps explain how it can be done.

You have seen how to fix the Error 1053 The Service Did Not Respond issue in your Windows computer. If the issue seems to persist even after working out these steps, seek the support of an expert immediately.

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