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Disk Boot Failure Error

You may have occasionally come across the Disk Boot Failure error when switching on your computer. Disk Boot Failure occurs mainly when the BIOS fails to find a bootable drive in the computer. As a result, an error message will be displayed on the screen when the computer starts.

Disk Boot Failure can result in the termination of the boot process that prevents your computer from starting normally and preventing data access. Loss of data can also occur frequently when the computer displays the Disk Boor Failure error.

The error occurs mostly due to a variety of reasons and identifying that will help resolve your computer of this error. Disk Boot Failure error is a complicated issue, which if left unattended, can cause severe data loss and malfunctioning of your computer. Below are three reasons for Disk Boot Failure error on Windows computers.

False BIOS Boot Sequence

The BIOS works when the computer is started to locate a bootable hard drive based on the boot device order. An incorrect boot sequence can make the BIOS unable to find any recognizable hard drive. This will prevent the computer from booting normally, thus preventing you from using your desktop computer or laptop to access data.

One way that you can use to resolve this issue is by altering the boot order on your computer. To do that, open BIOS when the computer is started and enter the Boot tab. Change the boot order by making your internal hard drive the first option.

Presence of Boot Sector Viruses

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Damaged Hard Disk

Another leading cause of Disk Boot Failure is due to the presence of boot sector viruses on your computer. These viruses can damage the boot sectors of the hard drive leading to irrecoverable losses. Infection of the boot sector by such viruses can prevent the computer from booting altogether.

If such viruses infect your computer, do not carry out any self-repairs and contact a reputed online computer repair services provider instead. Preventing such viruses by installing a good antivirus program is also recommended.

Damaged Hard Disk or Partition

Disk Boot Failure error can also occur due to any damages in the hard disk or partition. This can cause the hard drive to get corrupted, which increases the chance of data loss. The damages to the boot sector and the partition can prevent the computer from booting normally, thus preventing you from accessing the computer.

If the error is caused due to damaged partitions, it would be better to replace the hard drive with a new one and reinstall the Windows OS. Get in touch with a computer repair team for help with that.

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