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Computer is an electronic device and like any other devices, it contains so many parts that create heat while working. Some of the important parts such as the CPU and GPU (graphics card) release so much heat that the device can catch fire without proper cooling mechanisms in place.

In a computer system, fans and heat sinks move out most of the heat generated by the components. However, if the heat generated is not moved out efficiently, it can build up and damage the PC. The below tips can help you to cool down your computer to ensure uninterrupted performance.

Allow for Easy Air Flow

The simplest thing that you can do to keep your PC cool is to allow it some breathing room. This can be done by getting rid of any obstacles hindering the normal flow of air. Ensure that the side and back of the CPU are sitting away from the wall. There should be a minimum of two inches gap on the sides and back of the CPU to ensure proper ventilation and flow of air. This is very crucial to control the temperature inside the CPU.

Clean the PC

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Clogging The Cooling Fans

There are fans provided inside the CPU to cool down the inner temperature. Accumulation of dust and dirt can slow down a fan and stop it eventually. Lint, pet hair, dirt, and dust can find way into the CPU and slow down the cooling fans. Therefore, removing the dust and dirt inside the CPU can be a very effective way to cool down the computer.

To clean the fans, turn off the computer and open the case. You will find fans in the power supply, on top of the processor, and one on the cabinet. You can then use canned air to clean dust and dirt from the fans.

Use the PC with the Case Closed

Many computer users believe that running the PC with an open case can help keep it to stay cool. It might be a logical thing, as an open case will allow for more airflow helping to keep it cool. However, keeping the case open can lead to accumulation of dirt inside the PC, clogging the cooling fans, slowing them down. This can make the fans to fail and lead to heat build up inside the PC.

It might seem that running the PC with an open case is beneficial at first, but it can prove to be harmful in long run. So better to use the PC with the case closed and keep it protected from amassing any unwanted dust.

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